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2KG Seed and Fertilizer Spreader


This 2KG Seed and Fertilizer Spreader is an excellent drone for those looking to efficiently spread seeds with a drone. The 6 Rotor design ensures stability and makes sure that problems with a single rotor will not compromise the stability of the drone. The 2KG Seed and Fertilizer Spreader Drone features arms that fold down at the click of a button to ensure easy transportation and electronic landing gear that retracts on takeoff.

The 2KG Seed and Fertilizer Spreader has a payload capacity 2KG of seeds or fertilizer with a range of 2 miles (3.2km), a flight time of up to 20 minutes, comes fully equipped with all required accessories, and has been pretested to ensure it’s ready to fly out of the box.



5KG Seed and Fertilizer Spreader features an upgraded payload capacity. With all of the great precision application functionality of the 2KG model, this is a great option depending on the needs and budget of the user!




  • Payload Capacity: the payload tank is re-loadable up to 2KG payload capacity
  • Sprayer Application: with the flip of switch, the spreader is 40x faster than manually possible
  • Pixhawk: the flight controller system allows programmable waypoints, flight plans, stabilize, return to home
  • RTF Setup: tested and installed before arrival, this 2KG Seed & Fertilizer Spreader is Ready To Fly



Payload Capacity

The green seed/fertilizer bay is easily removed from the center of the drone and can be loaded with seed via the top. Once you have loaded the product, simply clip the bucket back into place and plug it in. An alarm will warn you if the payload is too heavy to ensure denser product does not accidentally put the drone over its weight limit and cause damage. Once you are ready for takeoff the drone will soar into the skies and with the flip of a switch, a motor will start turning the spreader, spreading seed or fertilizer. The 2KG Seed and Fertilizer Spreader spreads seed up to 40 times faster than possible manually.



With the Pixhawk flight controller system, the operator can program waypoints and flight plans into the drone. The Pixhawk flight controller features manual flying modes, stabilize mode, and return to home mode in addition to the autonomous mode. The drone can either be piloted with the included controller when flying manually or via a laptop or tablet utilizing the free Mission Planner software when flying autonomously. The Pixhawk features a failsafe function and will return to home automatically if it loses signal or if the battery becomes weak.



This setup includes the frame and everything is installed so your Ready To Fly out of the box!

Contact [email protected] or use the live chat below if you would like help learning about configuring your 2KG Seed and Fertilizer Spreader purchase. We can also substitute certain parts if you have a specific preference, such as a specific flight controller, or something else.





Your purchase of 2KG Seed and Fertilizer Spreader includes:

  • Ready To Fly 2KG Seed and Fertilizer Spreader
  • Strong, Rigid Lightweight Frame
  • Retractable Landing Gear, and Folding GPS Bracket
  • 3D Robotics Pixhawk Flight Control System
  • Taranis 2.4GHz X9D Digital Radio Telemetry System
  • 22.2V 16,000mah Lithium Ion Battery
  • Balance Charger With LCD Screen
  • Seed/Fertilizer Bucket With Motor And Payload Alarm
  • Accessories Package and Instruction Manual
  • 1 Small Beginner Drone To Practice Flying With(FREE!)






Let us know via the chat function at the bottom of the screen if you would like to add any accessories such as additional batteries, propellers, or anything else to your order.




Contact [email protected] or use the live chat below if you would like help learning about configuring your 2KG Seed and Fertilizer Spreader purchase.


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