This ready to fly advanced 3D Robotics Aero M Drone is the dream model for business activities or larger scale operations. Construction, emergency response, farming and surveying are just a few of the limitless real world applications for this powerful device.With 40 minutes of flight time and exceptional geographically imaging capabilities, 3D Robotics Aero M is an effective solution for a wide range of possibilities.



Video: In Action

Here’s a video of the 3D Robotics Aero M in action.





  • Ideal model for construction, emergency response, agriculture, surveying other professional applications
  • Achieve a flight duration of up to 40 minutes on a single charge, best for business/large scale operations
  • Included with the purchase is the powerful Canon S100
  • Powerful and sophisticated imaging processing tool, Pix4Dmapper Mosaic 3D Robotics Edition
  • Multiple Flight Modes: Manual/Automatic autonomous flight/Follow Me/Return To Home
  • Autonomous flight is achieved via programming waypoints via Pixhawk Autopilot system
  • Follow Me uses GPS connection to stay focused on the pilot’s transmitter
  • Cruising speed is 22mph during flight with flight range of 1km
  • Variety of customization options based on user preference, ask us!
  • Upgrade to the Pix4Dmapper Pro 3DR Edition for ultimate 3D functionality, export DSM and terrain models, orthomosaic editing




Flight Duration

The stand out feature of this device, to other comparable 3D Robotics models, includes 40 minutes of flight time that has been executed through it’s design. A lightweight foam frame, was engineered for less weight to keep you in the air longer while adding a level of durability.

Lower altitudes and slower speeds contribute to an uncompromising level of detail and perfection that other aerial flights, including satellite or manned flights, will not accomplish.



Included with this drone is a Canon S100 High-Resolution 12 MP Camera. For further sophistication a powerful imaging processing tool, the Pix4Dmapper Mosaic 3D Robotics Edition, is integrated for georeferenced and orthorectified mosaics. This state of the art system has been designed and specifically works in the 3D Robotics Aero M system only. Other cameras not included with the model will not be compatible on the 3D Robotics Aero M. A custom designed hard-top travel case will provide the ultimate protection for your device, and easy accessibility once you are ready to fly.


Flight Modes

Choose between manually piloting your aircraft, or set an automatic predetermined flight path before you take off with the Pixhawk autopilot system. Pixhawk autopilot mode has Follow Me Technology, where any GPS enabling device will allow the Aero M to maintain camera focus on you.  Flight duration can achieve 40 minutes, and extensive imaging technology will be with you every second of your trip. Be your own professional aerial photographer!

*Please note that the listed flight time with vary above 2000 feet of elevation, as well as numerous other variables. Some of these include payload, wind conditions, elevation, temperature, humidity, flying style, and pilot skill.*


Drone School

Still not sure what drone is for you? Check out our Drone School, filled with buying guides to make sure you pick the perfect drone for your use.




Your purchase of 3D Robotics Aero M includes:

  • Pixhawk autopilot system
  • Canon S100 with custom 3DR EAI software and fixed mount
  • Spektrum DX7s radio control
  • Ground station radios in 433 or 915 MHz
  • Two flight batteries
  • Spare parts kits
  • Travel case
  • Pix4Dmapper Mosaic 3DR Edition (Windows only)





Let us know via the chat function at the bottom of the screen if you would like to add any accessories such as additional batteries, propellers, or anything else to your order.






  • Pixhawk autopilot system
  • Motor: Tiger Motor 2820 830 kV
  • Propeller: Gemfan 11×7
  • Flight battery: 4S 6000 mAh 35C LiPo
  • Aircraft weight with battery: 6.8 lbs (3 kg)
  • Aircraft dimensions: 74 in (188 cm) wingspan, 51 in (129 cm) length
  • Case dimensions: 60.75 in x 14.5 in x 15.5 in (154 cm x 37 cm x 39 cm)
  • Payload capacity: 1.1 lbs (500 g)
  • Radio range: 1 km*
  • Flight time: 40 min*
  • Maximum operational wind conditions: 25 mph
  • Area coverage: 250 acres* (1 km2)
  • Ground sampling distance: 2 inches per pixel (5 cm per pixel)*
  • Orthomosaic accuracy: 3-16 ft (1-5 m)
  • Henge MD933 servos
  • Dubro control linkages
  • External LED indicator and USB port
  • Digital airspeed sensor
  • Minimum speed: 22 mph (9.8 m/s)


Customization options for your Aero M include:

  • Pix4Dmapper Pro 3DR Edition: for complete 3D functionality, including exporting DSM and terrain models, orthomosaic editing and an index calculator.




Contact [email protected] or use the live chat below if you would like help learning about configuring your 3D Robotics Aero M Drone purchase.


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