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Quick, upgradeable and dead simple to fly, 3DR’s Solo is an aerial videographer’s dream.— Digital TrendsApril 26, 2016

3DR Solos features are accurate and great for aerial photography and videography, even the most beginner of pilots will have no problems using them –Drones GlobeApril 4, 2016

The Solo is a fantastic tool for capturing stunning aerial shots that would otherwise be impossible even for experienced quadcopter pilots.” — Tech Advisor , September 4, 2015


The latest drone from 3D Robotics, the 3DR Solo Drone, boasts a wide array of aerial photography capabilities, having been designed alongside the GoPro Hero 4 camera. The 3D Robotics Solo features 20 – 25 minutes of flight time giving you more than enough time to capture that perfect aerial shot!

The 3DR Solo is powered by two 1GHz Linux processors, one in the controller and one in the drone. By splitting up high levels functions and more rudimentary ones over two computers, a larger range of features and capabilities is available. Designed for all experience levels, even the most novice pilot will find this easy to fly and capture professional aerial photography with.


Smart Shots

Generally, complex aerial camerawork takes two pilots, one to control the camera and one to operate the drone. The power of the 3DR Solo allows one user to execute both the piloting of the drone and capture stunning aerial photography at the same time.

You decide how automated your perfect aerial footage or shot will be. You Do It All mode does just what it says, giving you control to fly the drone manually just like any other consumer drone available. In You Do It All mode, the camera is controlled by the pilots inputs through both the Solo App and transmitter.

Split The Work mode lets you choose your role. You can choose to fly the drone while Smart Shots automatically executes the perfect shot via pre-programmed parameters, or you can operate the camera while the Solo automatically flies a predetermined flight path. Drone Does It All mode allows you to set up the perfect shot, and let the 3DR Solo execute it. Whether it’s the tilt, speed, or pan of the shot, the Solo has ultimate flexibility for capturing creative aerial footage.


Executing Smart Shots

The goal was simple in the Solo design. Create the best aerial photographic experience ever, every single flight. Smart Shots is a computer assisted cinematographer dream, allowing you to capture the perfect aerial shot or footage every time. Tap the Play button and watch as the Solo takes off on its own, then simply execute the type of shot you want.

Orbit mode circles around the subject while keeping the camera focused on your point of interest. Wraparound Shot mode featuring an adjustable radius and height allows the pilot to capture sophisticated shots including towering spirals and dramatic ellipses. Follow-Me mode keeps the camera focused on you, allowing you to capture stunning aerial footage of yourself. In 100% Hands-Free mode, your Solo will capture your every move, and never miss a second of your adventure. Skiing, Biking, Football, you name it, relive the beautiful footage captured with Follow-Me. Cablecam mode lets you set a safe predetermined flight path, from which you can smoothly pan and tilt the camera to your preference as the drone flies. Selfie mode takes off from the ground with a dramatic pull-out shot, giving both a portrait and revealing the broader landscape around you for the perfect personal shot. The captured images will automatically save to your mobile device, allowing for quick and easy sharing of your images with friends and family. 

Two additional Smart Shots have been announced and are coming soon via a simple software update. Zipline mode is an extension of CableCam, allowing the Solo to fly infinitely between two points capable of capturing whatever the pilot desires. Pano mode is designed for the pilot to create the perfect panoramic shot.


Solo Gimbal

Stability is integral to getting smooth footage or photography, and the 3-axis gimbal has been stabilized to within 0.1 degrees of pointing accuracy.

Working directly with GoPro has it’s design and implementation advantages. The 3DR Solo transmitter has buttons to execute GoPro camera functions directly during flight. The gimbal even generates power to your GoPro, to ensure that the GoPro battery will not die mid-flight.


3DR Transmitter

Powered by a 1 GHz computer, this processing power in the hands of the pilot gives unparalleled control over both flight and camera execution.

Dedicated one-touch execution buttons include Pause, Return to Home and Automatic Flight Take-Off and Land. The flight controller sticks are precise and very user responsive. The Solo was built for aerial photography, so all camera controls are accessible via the Transmitter. Start and stop Go-Pro recordings, instantly snap a photo, or easily adjust camera tilt and speed. Mount a mobile device above the controller with the included mount and stream live HD video from the Solo in real time!

A built-in Wifi Hub ensures your video feed is always connected, and an HDMI port allows live broadcasting of your Solo video feed! Live stream to any external screen, and simultaneously maintain the live HD stream to your mobile device.


Solo App

Additional control is also accessible via an iOS and Android Solo app that allows the user an additional tool for piloting and adjusting the camera.

Choose multiple viewing options through your mobile device, either the live camera view or an overhead satellite view of the current location of your Solo drone. Swipe your finger downward to change your viewing option in an instant. Updates to the 3DR Solo are handled through the Solo App with no wires required. In the event of a technical difficulty, the user can simply submit a support ticket to 3D Robotics through the Solo App right away.

The Solo App also acts as a flight simulator allowing you to practice flying the Solo drone. You can use the 3D Robotics physical transmitter while flying the Solo drone in the flight simulator on your Android or iOS device. The flight simulator function allows you to become an expert at flying the Solo drone before flying the drone in real life, reducing the likelihood of potentially crashing the drone due to inexperience.


Safety Features

The Rewind function executes the same safe flight path you took to your destination, but in reverse. If your flight was safe going in, simply hit rewind and sit back as your drone automatically flies back to you! The Pause button on your transmitter immediately brings your Solo to a halt. Worried about a potential problem? Pause, and when you are ready to resume flying simply hit the play button and continue where you left off from.

The Solo controller also doubles as a Black Box with the Solo saving  vital flight information to the controller’s memory. These files can be easily downloaded to a computer in the future to examine specific flights that your Solo took.

Custom Geofencing allows you to draw a virtual fence with your finger via the Solo App. Once enabled, the Solo drone will not let you fly outside of this fenced in area, a feature perfect for those still learning how to fly, and also useful when operating in more populated areas.


Future Expandability

Worried about the Solo becoming obsolete? The Solo is designed to evolve, with a removable gimbal bay, accessory bay, and swappable motor pods, allowing you to simply swap out and install the latest technology rather than buy a whole new model each year.

Made For Solo is the program for 3DR Solo that expands the possible uses of the drone as worldwide partners add incredible new technologies that will be available in the future. Accessories under development include a parachute system along with a sense and avoid system.


Developer Support

As the Solo is an open source platform, there is always room for innovative advancements by users that have a passion to push the boundaries.

The open software platform is called DroneKit, which allows anyone to create customized drone apps. Extensive forums offer a collaborative support network, and with strong roots to the largest open robotics community in the world Diy Drones, you have an excellent community of developers and users to work with.


What’s Included with the 3DR Solo?

Your purchase of 3DR Solo includes:

  • 3DR Solo Quadcopter x1
  • Remote Controller x1
  • Remote Controller Charger x1
  • Spare Propellers x6
  • Solo Smart Battery x1
  • Smart Battery Charger x1
  • BONUS: Solo 3 Axis Smart Gimbal (While Supplies Last)

*The GoPro Hero camera is not included. This can be purchased separately from us if required*


3DR Solo Parts and Accessories

Let us know via the chat function at the bottom of the screen if you would like to add any accessories such as a GoPro, gimbal, additional batteries, propellers, or anything else to your order.


3DR Solo Specifications

  • Autopilot: 3DR Pixhawk
  • Control: 3DR Solo Controller
  • Wireless communication: 3DR Link 1.0
  • Frequency: 2.4 GHz
  • Height: 10 in. (25 cm)
  • Motor-to-motor dimension: 18 in. (26 cm)
  • Propulsion: 880 KV motors, two clockwise rotating motors and two counterclockwise rotating motors
  • Propeller: 10 in. x 4.5 in. (25 cm x 11.4 cm)
  • Weight with battery: 3.3 lbs. (1.5 kg)
  • Controller battery life: 3 hours
  • Extended controller battery life: 6 hours
  • Controller battery: Li-ion 2600 mAh 7.2 Vdc (5200 mAh for extended battery)
  • Power: Electric (rechargeable lithium polymer battery)
  • Battery: Lithium polymer, 5200 mAh, 14.8 Vdc Battery weight: 1 lb. (.5 kg)
  • Estimated flight time: 25 minutes*
  • Maximum altitude: 328 ft. (100 m)
  • Range: .5 miles** (.8 km)
  • Payload capacity: 1.1 lbs. (500 g)
  • Cruise speed: 5.7 mph (2.5 m/s)
  • Maximum speed: 55 mph (25.5 m/s)
  • Maximum climb rate: 11 mph (5.0 m/s)
  • Maximum descent rate: 5.5 mph (2.5 m/s)
  • Headwind limitation: 25 mph (11 m/s)
  • Crosswind limitation: 25 mph (11 m/s)
  • Camera: Streaming video compatible with GoPro® HERO 3, 3+ or 4 Full compatibility with GoPro® HERO 4
  • Solo app compatibility: iOS 8.0 or later / Android 4.3 or later
  • Operating temperature: 32° F – 113° F (0° C – 45° C)
  • Operating relative humidity: 0-85% RH

*Flight time varies with payload, wind conditions, elevation, temperature, humidity, flying style, and pilot skill. Listed flight time applies to elevations less than 2,000 ft above sea level.

**Range varies with location, antenna orientation, background noise and multi-path.


Video: In Action

Here is a video showing the 3DR Solo in action.

The new 3D Robotics Solo may be the smartest drone yet


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