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Autel X-Star Premium


The Autel X-Star Premium features a flight time of 25 minutes with an operating range of 1.2 miles, a real-time streaming view to your mobile device in 720P HD, and an integrated 4K/12MP UHD Camera. The dual navigation systems features GPS and GLONASS satellite connection that provides the pilot with unmatched accurate control. Starpoint Positioning System ensures you stay connected in all flight environments when GPS and GLONASS are unavailable.

Smart flight features like Follow, Orbit, or Waypoints gives flexible camera control while the drone executes automatic flight maneuvers. The Starlink App has all the customization options for the camera and flight performance settings based on individual preference.

Easy to use and perfect for all skill levels, this easy to fly model gives you a phenomenal platform to capture cinematic footage!

Video: In Action

Here’s a few videos of the Autel X-Star Premium in action.

Autel Robotics Tutorial: X-Star and X-Star Premium Setup



Which X-Star is right for you? Browse our X-Star Comparison below!

The Autel X-Star Premium is an upgraded version of the Autel X-Star, featuring an Improved 1.2 miles control range and a 64GB micro SD Card, with a NEW Protective Carrying Case.

Compare Our Product Features Autel X-Star Autel X-Star Premium

Integrated Camera

4K / 12MP 4K / 12MP

Live Camera View

720P 720P

Navigation System


Fly Time

Up To 25 Minutes Up To 25 Minutes

Max Control and Video
Transmission Distance
(unobstructed and no interference)

.62 Miles 1.2 Miles

Autopilot Functions

Intelligent Battery

Starpoint Positioning System
(Visual & Sonar)

Secure Fly
(Magnetic Interference Protection)

Orange Color Option

Protective Carrying Case

Included Micro-SD Card

16G 64G



  • 4K/12MP UHD Camera gives professional cinematic potential
  • 3 Axis Gimbal Stabilization System provides a remarkably stable platform
  • Smart Flight Features: Follow, Orbit, or Waypoints
  • Autopilot Functionality executes automatic flight maneuvers
  • Remote Controller allows user to mount mobile device
  • Starlink App: enjoy live HD view and adjust all flight/camera settings
  • Starpoint Positioning System improves accurate positioning
  • Dual GPS and GLONASS gives strong navigational positioning
  • Beginner Mode creates a geo-fence that limits flight range/speed
  • Improved Flight Range 1.2 Miles / Flight Time 25 Minutes
  • Improved 64GB Micro SD-Card included with your purchase
  • NEW Protective Case for easy transportation and tough exterior
  • Dedicated Customer Service: U.S. based customer service available 24/7


Autel Robotics: Meet the X-Star Premium


4K UHD /12MP Camera

Integrated with the Autel X-Star Premium model is an UHD Camera capable of shooting 4K Video or 12 MP Photographs, that has a 108 degree FOV. 4K UHD video is 4 times clearer than footage captured with a 1080p HD camera. Take video in a variety of quality formats including 4K 30fps, 2.7K 60 fps, 1080P 120fps and 720P 240fps. The wide-angle perspective, vivid colour and stunning clarity provides world-class and professional quality.


3 Axis Stabilization Gimbal

Keeping your camera movements stable every second of your aerial flight is possible with the 3 Axis Gimbal Stablization system. Capture smooth video footage and prevent unwanted camera movements even as you perform complex flight maneuvers. Both the camera and gimbal can be conveniently removed for future upgrades or replacements.




Smart Flight Features

The Autel X-Star platform gives the pilot a wide variety of smart flight modes so they have flexibility in capturing aerial footage. Smart Flight features like Follow, Orbit or Waypoints, allow you to focus on controlling the cameras movements while your X-Star Premium Drone executes smart programmable flight patterns.

Follow Me Mode ensures that your UHD Camera is fixed on your real-time location, even if the pilot is driving, biking, or running, you name it! Your Autel X-Star Premium Drone will keep the pilot in focus until instructed to do otherwise. Orbit Mode circles above the pilot’s location autonomously and continuously, giving you full control over camera controls. Waypoints Mode lets you set pre-programmed locations within the Starlink App software. Program a precise flight plan from one point to the next, and the Autel X-Star Premium will accurately carry out even the most complicated routes.

Autel X-Star Waypoints

Autel Robotics Tutorial: Orbit

Autel Robotics Tutorial: Follow


Autopilot Functionality

The Smart Flight Features intelligently control your X-Star automatically and precisely, so you only need to worry about controlling the camera. Let the integrated intelligent controls fly your drone so you have the flexibility to capture the perfect moment. Automatic take-off and land functionality is available at the press of a button to improve safety for all pilot skill levels. Smart Flight procedures are activated at the click of a button on your remote controller!

Autel Robotics Tutorial: Takeoff & Landing



Remote Controller

The Remote Controller is ergonomically designed for excellent grip and easy to understand functionality. Included with your transmitter is a mounting clamp for your mobile device or tablet, that will stream real-time 720P HD Video right to your device. The command sticks provide maximum grip and are great for agile maneuvers. Function keys allow you to capture the perfect moment at the click of a button, by snapping photographs or video footage, as well as activating aircraft assisted smart flight modes.


Starlink App

Download the Starlink App for free on your mobile device and stream your entire flight in 720P HD Video. Advanced telemetry data is displayed during your flight including altitude, speed, navigational direction, battery life, and more. Adjust camera settings to capture photos or video to best suit user preference.


Autel Starlink App



GPS and GLONASS comprise the dual navigational system that keeps your drone steady and connected with your transmitter even in areas of weak signal transmission. GPS is the first connection method, that is additionally supported with the GLONASS communication network of satellites. If your GPS signal is weak, the satellite network provides a secure connection method.

Starpoint Positioning System

The Starpoint Positioning System integrated software measures the aircraft’s altitude and optically tracks position. This lets the X-Star Premium  fly accurately, at low altitude, even when a GPS signal is unavailable.

The Autel X-Star Premium remains connected in all flight environments!


Beginner Mode

Perfect for learning your X-Star model, you can enable Beginner Mode to create a virtual geo-fence that limits the operating range as well as speed. Once your X-Star Premium has flown to the boundary of the geo-fence, the integrated software will prevent your drone from flying any further. Limiting your aircraft’s potential is a great safety feature that ensures your inexperience will not result in damage to your Autel X-Star Premium!

Autel Robotics Tutorial: Go Home & Failsafe




Flight Range/Flight Time

The maximum operating range for the Autel X-Star Premium is at 1.20 miles from the pilot based on transmission capacity. You can fly up to 25 minutes on a single battery charge, providing great potential for capturing aerial footage!

Autel X-Star Battery



64GB Micro-SD Card

Included with the Autel X-Star Premium model is a larger capacity 64GB Micro-SD card, in comparison to the Autel X-Star Standard’s 16G SD card.





Protective Carrying Case

Included with your Autel X-Star Premium purchase is a water resistant and sturdy exterior carrying case. Your drone and components fit perfectly inside of the Protective Carrying Case. This allows you to protect your drone and all it’s components wherever your travels take you!

 Autel X-Star Carrying Case



Dedicated Customer Service

Your purchase of the X-Star Premium includes Autel Robotics’ 7-day-a-week dedicated customer support. The U.S. based team of professionals can help you with any questions you have about your X-Star, from getting started to troubleshooting.


Autel Customer Support



Autel Robotics X-Star Premium – "Follow Me" and "Orbit" modes

Autel Robotics X-Star Premium In Action: Kayaking



Your purchase of the Autel X-Star Premium includes:

  • NEW Protective Carrying Case
  • IMPROVED 64-GB Micro SD Card
  • Autel X-Star Aircraft
  • Remote Controller
  • 2x Sets Propellers
  • Documentation(User Manual, Quick Start Guide, Packing List) and Sticker Set
  • Charging Kit: Battery Charger, AC Cable, Micro-USB Cable
  • Maintenance Kit
  • Intelligent Battery 14.8V 4900mAh
  • Remote Controller Neck Strap




Let us know via the chat function at the bottom of the screen if you would like to add any accessories such as additional batteries or propellers to your order.



  • Max. Take-off Weight 3.52 lbs (1.6 kg)
  • Hover Precision Horizontal: ±6.5 ft; (±2 m); Vertical: ±3.2 ft (±1 m)
  • Max. Yaw Rate 150°/s
  • Max. Inclination Angle GPS Mode: 20°; ATTI Mode: 30°
  • Max. Ascent/Descent Speed Ascent: 13.4 mph (6 m/s); Descent: 6.7 mph (3 m/s)
  • Max. Horizontal Speed 35 mph (16 m/s)
  • Diagonal Wheel Base 13.8″ (352 mm)
  • Propeller Size 9.4″ x 5.5″
  • Video Link Frequency 902 MHz~928 MHz
  • Receiver Frequency 5.727 GHz~5.8 GHz
  • Flight Modes GPS · ATTI · IOC
  • Operating Environment Temperature 32° F ~ 104° F (0° C ~ 40° C)
  • Storage Temperature-4° F ~ 176° F (-20° C ~ 80° C)
  • Weight (Battery & Propellers included)3.13 lbs (1.42 kg)
  • Operating Environment Temp .32° F~104° F (0° C~40° C)
  • Still Photography Modes 12 mp Single shot, Bursts, AEB, Bracketed frames, Time-lapse
  • Video Recording Modes 4K Ultra HD plus QHD, FHD, HD, and Superview settings
  • Max Frame Rates 4K30, 2.7K60, 1080p120, 720p240
  • Max Field of View 108°
  • Supported SD Card Types Micro-SD, 4 GB – 64 GB, Class 10 or UHS-1
  • File Formats FAT32/exFAT, Photo: JPG/DNG/JPG+DNG, Video: MOV/MP4
Aircraft Battery
  • Battery Type Rechargeable Li-Po Battery
  • Capacity 4900 mAh
  • Battery Voltage Charging 14.8 V
  • Charging Environment Temperature 50° F ~ 113° F (10° C ~ 45° C)
  • Discharging Environment Temperature-4° F ~ 140° F (-20° C ~ 60° C)
  • Storage Temperature & Humidity Temp: 14° F ~ 113° F (-10° C ~ 45° C); Humidity: 5 ~ 70%
  • Flight Time Up to 25 minutes
Remote Controller
  • Operating Frequency (RF Receiver)5.727 GHz ~ 5.8 GHz
  • Video Link Frequency 902 MHz ~ 928 MHz
  • Operating Temperature 32° F ~ 122° F (0° C ~ 50° C)
  • Storage Temperature-3 mos: -4° F ~ 113° F (-20° C to 45° C)
    +3 mos: 71° F ~ 82° F (22° C to 28° C)
  • Max Control and Video Transmission Distance FCC: 1.2 miles (2000 m)
  • Transmission Power (EIRP)RF- FCC: 125 mW
  • Operating Current/Voltage 400 mA / 3.7 V (App disconnected)
    1400 mA / 3.7 V (App connected)
  • Battery 6000 mAh rechargeable Li-Ion Battery
  • Power Consumption 5.2 W
  • Weight (battery included)1.85 lbs (840 g)





Contact [email protected] or use the live chat below if you would like help learning about configuring your Autel X-Star Premium purchase.



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