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Skywalker Ready To Fly Drone


The Skywalker Ready To Fly Drone is a perfect platform for aerial photographysurveillance, or just long range FPV flying. The Skywalker Ready To Fly Drone has a range of approximately 2 miles, or 3.2 kilometers and can fly for around 1 hour continuously depending on the operating conditions and payload. The wings and tail are easily removed as can be seen in the pictures to ensure easy transport.

The Skywalker Ready To Fly Drone is pre-built and tested and is ready to fly out of the box. Upgrades are available such as FPV, extended range up to 30 miles (50 kilometers), FPV goggles, landing gear, and custom paintwork. FPV allows the user to see live footage on a monitor mounted above the controller, live from a camera mounted on the front of the Skywalker Ready To Fly Drone. This FPV allows the operator to pilot the drone as if they were sitting inside.

Looking for something bigger, with more space inside to install custom equipment? Check out the Skywalker X8 Ready To Fly Drone


  • Pixhawk Flight Control system and free Mission Planner software
  • Mission Planner software provides a variety of telemetry data to the pilot in real time
  • Variety of upgrades available: Range Extender, FPV Goggles, Landing Gear, Custom Paintwork
  • FrSky QX7 Transmitter provides a variety of professional functionality
  • Flight Modes: Autonomous programmed waypoints, Return To Home, Pilot Mode
  • Ready To Fly model includes everything required to fly
  • FPV compatible with an optional upgrade
  • Modular design and easy transportation
  • LCD screen battery charger gives pilot visual display
  • Flight Range of 2miles(3.2km), Flight Time up to 1 hour
  • Strong, durable, and lightweight frame
  • Cruising Speed 25 mph

Purchase With Confidence

Try Before You Buy 

Come visit our Houston, USA, or Guadalajara, Mexico location to see our drones in person. Located 5 minutes from the  NASA Johnson Space Center, our Houston location has all of our drones available to try flying. The main Houston airport is one of few in the world with flights to all 6 inhabited continents, making it easy to get to from anywhere in the world. Our Mexico facility is located in the vibrant city of Guadalajara, a manufacturing hub for many companies from Intel to HP and others. Come and see for yourself if our products will meet your needs before making a purchase.

PO Terms 

We can accept Net 30 purchase orders from most customers, with a few exceptions. Our team will determine eligibility on a case by case basis. Only pay for the drone when you have received it and are satisfied.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

We know you will love our products, but in the case you are not happy with the drone for any reason within the first 30 days, return it to us for a full refund.

Join Our Customers In 100+ Countries

Powered By Pixhawk

The Skywalker Ready To Fly Drone features a FrSky QX7 Transmitter, Pixhawk flight control system and a lightweight strong frame. Flight plans can be programmed into the Pixhawk flight controller via Mission Planner software, allowing for autonomous flying. The Mission Planner software also allows the operator to monitor data such as the GPS location of the Skywalker Ready To Fly Drone, speed, altitude, voltage, and battery information all live while the drone is flying.

Skywalker Ready To Fly Drone Pixhawk
L9R Drone

Long Range System

The Skywalker Ready To Fly Drone uses the L9R Long Range Radio module, giving you the potential to fly up to 2 miles (3.2km).

For an additional charge, we can extend the range further.

Dual-Battery System

With a dual battery system you can be sure that if there is ever an issue with one battery you will be able to keep flying!

Dual Battery Setup

1 Hour Flight Time

A fixed-wing allows you to attain a flight time much longer than that of a multi-rotor drone. The Skywalker Ready To Fly Drone comes with a 1 hour flight time, that can be increased upon request.

Mission Planner Software

Plan your flights with Mission planner, sofware available on PC, Mac, or smartphones/tablets. Draw route plans for the drone and monitor crucial telemetry information in real time.

X8 Long Range Drone Mission Planner
X8 Long Range Surveillance Drone Transmitter


The Skywalker Ready To Fly Drone comes with a Taranis QX7 Transmitter by default. The Taranis QX7 is a widely used open source transmitter that features ball bearing gimbals, a backlit LED screen, audio and vibration alerts regarding values, alarms, and settings. The Taranis QX7 also features flight data logging, RSSI alerts, and 16 channels to operate with.

Powerful Brushless Motor

The Skywalker Ready To Fly Drone is powered by 1 rear mounted brushless motor. The high-quality brushless motors require low maintenance compared to other types of motors and offer superior power and efficiency for the size of the motor.

Skywalker Ready To Fly Drone Motor

Quality Built

The Skywalker Ready To Fly Drone undergoes the following quality tests before being shipped,

  • Frequent Individual Quality Inspections Along The Production Process
  • 60 Minutes Of Flight Testing

As a result, all components used on the Skywalker Ready To Fly Drone have a 6-month warranty on them.

Manufacturing Process

All of our drones are built to order, with roughly a 3 week lead time. Our manufacturing team will reach out to you and can make modifications to the drone to suit your exact mission.

Day 1-5: Contact with customer regarding specific requirements, procurement of additional parts as needed. 15%
Day 5-10: Begin fabrication of frame, and complete frame testing. 30%
Day 10-15: Installation of electric components, electronics calibration & testing. 60%
Day 15-20: External lamination and any visual graphic work completed 80%
Day 20-23: Final testing of all systems & test flight. 90%
Day 24: Shipment to customer, customer acceptance. 100%

NEW: We have a number of Skywalker Ready To Fly Drones in stock and ready to ship in 1-2 days. If your order does not require extensive customization we can ship one of these units, and you will receive your order much quicker.

Drone Manufacturing
Drone Shipping Box


We can ship the Skywalker Ready To Fly drone worldwide. All of our Skywalker Ready To Fly Drones are shipped in a wooden crate. This ensures that the drone arrives intact without any damage. It is also reusable and can be used to store the drone in the future.

Alternatively, you can purchase one of our custom built heavy duty travel cases. These cases are ideal for protecting and transporting your drone if you plan to do lots of traveling. They come with dual handles, a custom cut foam interior with space for the drone, controller, batteries, charger, and any accessories you order from us. As with all of our drones these cases are built to order and can be customized extensively to meet your needs.

Drone Travel Case


  • 2 mile (3.2km) range
  • Approximately 1 hour flight time
  • Strong lightweight EPO drone body
  • Pixhawk flight controller allows for autonomous programmed flights
  • Can be fitted with FPV, or additional equipment and options depending on customer requirements
  • 1.8-meter wingspan (5.90 feet)

What’s Included?

  • 1x Skywalker Ready To FlyDrone With All Electronics Installed And Tested
  • 1x FrSky QX7 Transmitter
  • 1x Pixhawk Flight Controller
  • 1x Lipo Balance Charger With LCD Screen
  • 1x Instruction Manuals And Guide To Getting Started Flying

Upgrades & Accessories

Since all of our fixed wing drones are built to order, we offer an extensive range of upgrades and equipment that we can install on each drone. Please contact us for pricing and additional info on each of these upgrades, or if there is something not listed that you would like to include on your Skywalker Ready To Fly Drone.

General Upgrades

  • Landing Gear
  • Custom Paintwork
  • Upgraded Transmitter
  • Cold Weather Package
  • Hot Climate Package
  • VTOL Setup
  • Drone Ground Launcher
  • 4G LTE Control
  • External LED’s
  • Range Extension
  • Flight Time Extension
  • & Much More

Additional Equipment 

  • NVDI Camera
  • RGB Camera
  • Mapping Camera
  • 3D Modelling Camera
  • FLIR Thermal Camera
  • 4K High Zoom Camera
  • FPV Camera
  • GoPro Camera
  • Infrared Camera
  • VR Goggles
  • Ground Control Station
  • Internal Monitoring Camera
  • & Much More

Parts & Accessories

  • Extra Propellers
  • Extra Batteries
  • Extra Servo Motors
  • Spare Wing Sets
  • Travel Case
  • Tablet Ground Station
  • Car Charger Adaptor
  • Panasonic Toughbook Ground Station
  • & Much More

5+ Years In Business

Trusted by a customer base in 100+ countries, UAV Systems International works with academia, corporations, defense contractors, government agencies, and end consumers to build customized fixed wing and multirotor drone solutions that meet their needs. No mission is too big or small, let us build you a solution to meet your needs today!

UAV Systems International Company
Drone Assembly

World Class Customer Support

We have three easy ways to assist you with technical and product support 24/7, from anywhere in the world. Our technical support is available at no cost 24/7, 365 days a year, as part of our commitment to ensuring you have a seamless experience with our products.




To discuss your requirements, and learn how we can build a platform to meet your needs, click the chat button at the bottom right of your screen, send us an email at or call us at 1-855-UAV-4002 (1-855-828-4002).

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